Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 8, 2013

The latest attempt….

I found what appeared to be a testimonial from one doctor about another doctor, on yet a third doctor’s web site. It was not “A Testimonial” in the official sense, just a couple paragraphs that appeared with some other stuff. But being me, the Scholar, I followed up on it just out of curiosity. I arrived at this site: which is basically treatments for fibromyalgia, and found that the phone consultations are free. Since he is across the country from me, a phone consultation was all I could manage anyway. As with other things I’ve been tuned into lately, there was a lot of kinesiology testing by proxy. If this is outside your belief system, you’re missing out on a lot of good.

So anyhow, I had a one hour free consultation on the phone (by appt.) and the things he told me were wrong, were things that are wrong. Ok, so that end of it is working, which is good news. Plus, the things he told me to take, were, some of them, things that I already knew were beneficial for me, like colloidal silver and diatomaceous earth. So, being ready to start the next thing, I went ahead and ordered the stuff he wanted me to take. Some from him, some from elsewhere. But for several weeks I’ve been taking it, some of it not would I would choose (like the 3T of pomace oil once a day for my gall stones,) but nothing caused me such problems that I felt I needed to stop.

And, I think I have seen an improvement, but more important is that my intuition is saying, “Just keep doing this.” I’ve had a second consult now, and the things I had noticed an improvement in, he also reported an improvement in.

He says that the reason I react so violently to mold is because I have a systemic mold infection that is causing my system to be highly reactive to any additional exposure. Since that has been one of my theories for a while, it was nice to hear it from someone who claims to be able to do something about it.

So maybe I’m going to get somewhere this time. Wouldn’t that be nice? As always, if I get somewhere definitive, the world will know about it!

Oh, and BTW, I enjoy talking to this crusty, religious old guy. He has a sense of humor and laughs at my jokes…when I talk to Westerners, often they just don’t get the subtle verbal Eastern sense of humor and just look at me strangely. Since this also happens to other re-located-to-the-West friends of mine, I think it is a cultural thing and just something to try to work around as necessary. But how refreshing to talk to someone who gets it!


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