Posted by: eaubeauhorn | January 15, 2013


It is 7:37 a.m. and I just looked online for the official temperature, which is 19.4. I think that means we set another record low.

This is the fourth night that I’ve shut the water off, drained the pipes, and set two hose bibs on dribble to keep the metal pipes from freezing. So far the dribble has still been there in the morning. But….yesterday it was noon before I could get the water going in the trailer; I had to wait for the sun to be on it for an hour first, to thaw out things that I can’t drain without blowing them out with an air compressor. Fortunately PEX can take freezing pretty well, at least so far. I always listen and watch carefully when I turn the water back on, to make sure there are not leaks. If there is a leak, I”ll be in trouble but so far, all is well. We have one night to go before it is predicted to warm back up again.

I’m still staying reasonably warm in here with my 1000 watt Presto Heat Dish; that is less wattage than most hair dryers, but with its directional output I can aim it at me from a few feet away and it feels like sitting in front of a fireplace. My “away side” is chilly but I do ok. I have a backup heater that I haven’t used yet; it has a blower on it and I’m reluctant to use it unless I have to.

I wonder how the critters do in this weather….I haven’t seen a quail in days. Where do they keep warm? How about the bunnies? I had a dream this morning that I had forgotten all about my horse and hoped someone was taking care of it. (I don’t have a horse, but always wanted one.)

Today is a tennis court day, usually around 10 a.m but somehow I doubt many people will be there, including me. I need to go out because I’m out of drinking water, but later, when it is at least 40 out. 40 is pretty cold when you drive with the windows down. Yesterday I got another bottle of gas because one ran out a couple days ago….I only use it for cooking and showering, and the last 20 lb bottle lasted a month.

I had a nice conversation yesterday with a guy who has a small farming operation (I guess I’d call it a large garden rather than a small farm) where he is trying to grow high-brix vegetables a la Carey Reams. They were looking for new members but after my explanation of my lack of confidence as to my whereabouts six months from now, he agreed to let me chip in and help and get food in exchange. They really needed someone who could do some harvesting and delivering in the middle of the week, and since I’m retired I can do that. It’s only a mile from here, so there is yet another thing that makes me want to stay on the East side. Rats….

I was told remotely that I had a hiatal hernia that needed to be fixed (long story, kinesiology by proxy.) The first chiropractor I got a hold of said sure he did them all the time, so I went to see him. I’m rarely impressed by a medical practitioner, but this guy had a great office, wasn’t fancy, wasn’t all full of smelly or moldy stuff, and as a person I liked him too. Professional, courteous, treated me with respect, tested me for the hernia, adjusted it, and also gave me a chiropractic adjustment, which I like to get but generally don’t spend the money on. I went back yesterday, he found the hernia had pretty much stayed fixed, re-fixed it anyway, gave me another adjustment, said he’d thought about the mold but hadn’t come up with anything. Great guy, rare out there. Most of them are either arrogant nincompoops or interested only in how far they can dig into your wallet. He allowed me to self-pay at a very fair rate.

Well, that’s the haps. Brrrr. Time to drink my morning tea.


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