Posted by: eaubeauhorn | January 4, 2013

The art of the Dribble Shower

When you have six gallons of hot water, you have four options in cold weather:

1. Do not take a shower, which leaves you dirty

2. Take a sponge bath out of a bucket, which is hard when you have long hair. You need a rinse bucket as well as a soapy bucket. Problematic because it causes you to freeze to death while you are wet.

3. Take a “Navy shower,” in which you get wet, shut off the water, lather up, turn on the water, rinse off. Problematic because you freeze to death while the water is off, and once again it’s hard with long hair.

4. Take a Dribble Shower, which requires the ability to operate at Warp 11 when soaping and rinsing, but can be used successfully even with long hair.

Directions for the Dribble Shower:

a. Turn on the water heater, wait 30 minutes until you hear it shut off, meaning you’ve got six gallons of hot water.

b. Aim your Presto Heat Dish at the bathroom, so that the air in there will be above 50 degrees during your shower. Keep the roof vent slightly open because you don’t want to create fog.

c. Lay out your clothes that you will put on after you towel off, because you don’t want to be naked and damp in 50 degrees.

d. Put your towel on the toilet seat so you don’t go padding around on that 50 degree aluminum floor looking for it dripping wet.

e. Turn on the hot water and wait until you hear the change in sound when what is coming out is hot.

f. Turn it down to a dribble and add just enough cold (i.e., freezing) water so that you don’t scald yourself.

g. Get under it, which involves snuggling up to the back wall, and get your hair wet. Wash your hair at Warp 11.

h. Rinse hair.

i. Wash your entire body at Warp 11, with just one application of soap on the washcloth to save time.

j. Rinse your body.

k. Apply conditioner so that you will be able to comb your hair without breaking all of it off.

l. Rinse conditioner out.

m. If you’re lucky the water will not have gone tepid, and you can then turn up the hot water faucet and lightly cook yourself for a minute before you have to shut it off.

n. Grab the towel off the toilet seat and dry as much of yourself as you can. Put the towel around your waist.

o. Use the scraper to wipe all the water off the walls so it will dry faster. Fold the shower curtain up over the rod so that air can circulate in the shower. Scrape all the water from the floor into the drain, and use the wash cloth to mop up the residue, jumping each time you get a cold drip from the folded shower curtain on your back.

p. Step out onto the towel on the floor so you don’t freeze your feet on the aluminum floor.

q. Turn off the water heater and put on the clothes you laid out.

r. Turn around the heat dish to be aimed at you while you dry your hair.

s. You’re done, and hopefully you are also clean and don’t have soap hiding places that didn’t get rinsed well enough.



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