Posted by: eaubeauhorn | December 7, 2012

Trailer cook! and other updates

I always admired my friend James because he could produce masterpieces from the kitchen of his Airstream. Well, I have not exactly joined with him on that level, but I did manage to make one of my old standby Indian dishes today, split mung dal soup. I had to get a new cookbook because the old one had water damage, and I had to get a whole new supply of spices, and a new spice grinder. I have two burners and three pans and almost zilch counter space. But I managed, and it tasted just like it used to. And I have three more servings in the freezer for other days. Woo hoo! Next will come the green bean subji, and maybe some other dals. I’d love to do the carrot subji but grating that amount of carrots by hand is out of my league.

Other updates: the bang board at the tennis court is getting better at sending the ball back to me instead of sending it every which way. And I also managed to stay at it long enough to get an endorphin release.

Tomorrow I’m sitting in on an outdoor Christmas concert with a band I used to play with. At least I think I am….have to bring our own chairs and stands and lights, and I can’t put the euph in the case because the case is contaminated. So carrying all that stuff, with the euph not in a case, is a bit of a challenge in terms of protecting the euph. Dress is “semi-formal” by contract with the mall where the band is playing, but the only black pants I now have are fleece….and no black shoes either. I’ll just try to stay out of sight.

Our brass quartet Christmas caroling went by the wayside. The tuba and horn players finked out. This is something I hate about Southwestern culture…..people don’t think twice about backing out of a commitment. It never occurs to them that you may have put time, effort, and money into the thing they committed to, so they make these commitments without ever really meaning it in the first place. In this one sense, I much prefer Eastern culture, where you don’t back out of a commitment unless you get run over by a bus.


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