Posted by: eaubeauhorn | November 20, 2012


A milestone this morning. Just a few weeks ago I was able to start being able to walk without my right foot going painfully numb. This was caused by, in my own diagnosis, a lack of fat around the sciatic nerve sheath between it and the sacrum. Over the last six months I have managed, through constant stuffing myself and making sure I ate a lot of healthy oils, to put on six pounds, rising from 89 to 95. All the hollows I had developed have not disappeared but they are much less deep. People have commented that I am looking much better than I was, and I definitely feel better too.
So a week or two ago I dug out my tennis racquet, washed it off thoroughly, and put a new over grip on it, hoping that it (the racquet) wouldn’t have enough mold spores still sticking to it to cause me problems. This morning, before I went over to the courts to watch the guys play, I put on my tennis shoes. The racquet and a couple of only half-dead balls were in the car. I had gotten permission last week to use a racquetball court as a bangboard, so I sort of meandered over to there and started gently whacking the ball against the far wall. I had to go back to a standard grip because the Western was just not working, but forehand and backhand weren’t any worse that I would expect from not seeing a racquet for a few years. I still don’t bend my knees enough and still tend to not get in position well, no surprise in that.

The surprise was that my serve seems to have fixed itself in my absence. In all the hours of watching people play over the last few months, there was one guy whose serve I found particularly nice to watch; his knees are so bad now that he only hobbles around the court, but his serve is still intact. He has a motion with no hitches, and he starts his swing slowly and speeds it up “as necessary” to hit the ball properly. I had decided to try that, and….. suddenly I had a serve, not a herky-jerky motion that I could never time to the toss. Just like that! There were a couple that really whacked against the wall with what felt like no effort on my part, a far cry from the “strain and have it go gently over the net” serve I had before. Now, I’m under no illusion that 95 pound me is going to have a 100 mph serve, but it’s fun to hear the whack.

I see so many people, usually women, who have a hitch in that they put the racquet down their back and then wait for the toss; a hitch in their get-a-long as the old Westerners used to say. I say….this is due to poor teaching. I too was told to drop the racquet down my back and then hit the ball. It was only after two years of struggling with the serve that someone FINALLY told me that the service motion is the same as throwing a ball. Why I was not told that in the plethora of lessons I took, I don’t know, but by the time I was told that (I throw a ball very well,) my service motion was so screwed up that there was no going backwards. But the several years off seems to have allowed it to fix itself in my absence. Hooray!
Now if I could just learn to make good oboe reeds in my absence, THAT would be an accomplishment.



  1. Very good news, Mary Ann! Now all you need is an oboe to play on. šŸ˜€

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