Posted by: eaubeauhorn | September 18, 2012

A day in the life, Tu-Th-Sa

Usual wake up at about 3 a.m., take my mid-night magnesium and taurine. Wake up again about 5:45, take the cholestyramine, which must be surrounded by an empty stomach. Get up 6:30 or so. I put a cup of water with a mint tea bag in the microwave; only the last week or so has it been cool enough in the morning to even contemplate something like a hot cup of tea.

I got on the computer and read my email, as usual lost track of time and suddenly it was almost 8 a.m. Yesterday at the grocery I got this wild idea that I sure would like some pancakes, all the gluten free mixes either have potato starch in them or taste horrible, so I thought….I bet almond flour and coconut flour would make a nice tasting pancake and it wouldn’t even need syrup. So I bought both those flours, neither of them cheap. So I made my 20 yard walk to the fridge on the back porch, got out the flours, an egg, and the baking powder. I used a half cup of each flour, a couple tablespoons full of coconut oil, the egg, and enough water to make what seemed like a pancake consistency batter. But when I went to cook it, it didn’t make a pancake; it made mush, like corn meal mush. I am SO not a cook. It also tasted too much like egg. Most of it went in the garbage, as is usual with my cooking inventions. Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of those very expensive flours.

After that, I had laundry that had to be done. I had a pair of long pants that had been “out and about,” and any article of clothing that has been out and about must be washed. I don’t sit on the bed or the bench wearing clothing that has been out and about. When I get home from whatever I did that day, the clothing comes off, goes into the capsule of the Wonderwash, and I go into the shower for body and hair wash.

So the capsule was pretty full today; I actually turned on the hot water heater for a few minutes so I could do laundry in lukewarm water instead of cold. I fill the capsule halfway with water, put in a quarter cup or so of ammonia, and crank it 60 times, which is about two minutes. Since this is Tuesday, it’s not a black water tank empty day, so the washing water rinse fills didn’t have to alternate with the black water tank rinse fills. One wash and two rinses, accomplished in the shower using the shower head, sitting on the toilet lid, holding the capsule down with my right foot and left hand while I crank with my right hand. It still walks all over the shower but we make do with what we have.

Then, when the clothes are rinsed enough so they don’t smell like ammonia, I take them out one by one and wring them as best I can and stack them on the one square foot of counter top that I have next to the sink. When all are in a pile, I pick up the pile and my three quart saucepan and head back the 20 yards to where the fridge is, which is also where the spinner is. I load the spinner and run it with a few items in succession to get the water out. I usually get about two quarts of water out in the spinner, and the clothes dry a whole lot faster on the line if they have been spun. It’s nice now that the mosquitoes are gone and I don’t have to march in place to keep from having ten bites in the few minutes it takes to spin the clothes. then I hang the clothes on the line, dump the water out of the saucepan I used to catch it, and head back to the trailer.

Rinse and put the pan away and go back the 20 yards to the fridge to gather up what I’ll eat for breakfast. You already heard the story about the pancakes that weren’t. Wash the breakfast pans and dishes in the one-cubic-foot sink with the faucet that splashes all over everything, wipe it all down.

Now it’s late enough that I can put on my out and about clothes and head to the tennis court. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings I go watch old farts play tennis. There is nice shade to sit in, sometimes people to talk to, and I enjoy watching tennis even if it is at an amateur level by guys who used to be able to play a lot better when they still had functioning knees. Today they stop at 11, earlier than some days, and I take off to do some shopping.

At the grocery I pick up a few items and then go to a different grocery to pick up a few more items. Today I get the urge to make my own egg salad and tuna salad and make sandwiches; I’ve been buying them at the health food store but they put something hot in the egg salad (bleah) and the tuna has black olives in it (also bleah.) My egg salad and tuna salad are much better. I also buy a loaf of bread even though none of the available brands has ingredients that don’t offend me. I also buy some turkey for sandwiches, and some mayo.

I come home and immediately make and eat a turkey sandwich and eat an apple. Damn that turkey sandwich is good; I hope I don’t pay too bad a price tonight for that.

Wash the dishes and then grab a bottle of water out of the fridge (20 yards away again) and get in the car and go to the mall, because it is already over 100 degrees in the trailer. At the mall I manage to park in the covered parking; it’s actually hotter than not under it but the sun isn’t on the car so long run it’s better. I grab a library book out of the floor of the back seat and take my water bottle and cell phone with me.

Inside the mall, I find one of the usual couches I sit on empty and settle in with my book. Every hour or so I get up and walk around and go to the bathroom. Today, the female guard who told me I couldn’t sleep there (I had my eyes closed) smiles and waves. Large victory! People who work at the mall are getting to recognize me, and instead of being written off as crazy or whatever I seem to be acting normal enough that I’m not a threat. No one has asked why I’m there, but various people talk to me and it’s actually kind of fun sometimes.

At five I go get an order of fries (once again, hope I don’t pay too bad a price for that) and after that my book is done and I take a walk through Macy’s. Someone tries to sell me pots and pans but I have her notice that I don’t have my purse with me and cannot spend any money. Then at 6:15 I head for home and the thermometer inside the car says 100 degrees. It drops to the high 90s as I drive home. It’s hot inside the trailer. I take off my “out and about” clothes and get in the shower. The water is pretty cold to start with but I get used to it.  Most of the summer I have not used the hot water heater. Once body and hair are washed I put on my inside clothes.

I turn on the TV and the computer. I’m not really hungry yet, but in the 20-yards-away fridge I have frozen veggies and salmon I cooked a couple days ago. That will be dinner. I’ll get sleepy by 9 PM and nod off.

Then tomorrow it starts over again, with my MWF schedule.



  1. What a different kind of post for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this “Day in the Life” version.

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