Posted by: eaubeauhorn | September 16, 2012

Interstitial cystitis and protozoa ETC

Fry Labs has come up with data that indicates that there is a biofilm-protected protozoan that is the cause of interstitial cystitis. If you read this page ( it talks about biofilms in general and the difficulty in treating infections guarded by biofilms.

But I wonder, isn’t there another way? People are freeing themselves of biofilm-protected infections all the time not through the use of chemistry (i.e., antibiotics etc) but through physics.

Treatment of infection through physics instead of chemistry may require a paradigm shift for most.

Two people come to mind who have made huge contributions in the area of physics to treat infection. Both are deceased but the information is still out there. One of these people was Royal Rife; the other was Hulda Clark. There are others, I am sure, but these are the two I am aware of. (mea culpa if I am leaving out important pioneers.) And of course, others have followed the pioneers and expanded upon their results.

Both of these people (Clark and rife) developed electrical devices that killed pathogens by what I’ll call the Resonant Frequency Effect (“RFE.”)

Do you remember the Memorex commercials from many years ago, where the recording of the soprano shattered the wine glass? That is the Resonant Frequency Effect. Had the wine glass been living, the soprano vocal pitch would have killed it. Now, the RFE doesn’t necessarily “blow up” pathogens, but it clearly disrupts them enough to make them die.

That is how these electric RFE devices work. Hulda Clark devised various kinds of “zappers” and Royal Rife had his Rife machines.
After Rife came the Doug coil, which a lot of people still use to treat Lyme. However, the coil’s effects lessen with distance quite rapidly, and you have to know what you are trying to kill so you can choose a frequency to have the device radiate. So someone will talk about “coiling” as a verb, and that they “coiled” on their ankles, elbows, and wrists. They will “coil” on one frequency for ten minutes, then another frequency for another ten minutes, and so forth until they have covered all the frequencies and locations that they think they need. But if they do not know all the pathogens they have that are causing problems, and they don’t know the precise locations of all the centers of infection, they risk doing a lot of work for little result.

I’m familiar with the Doug Plus machines, which are broad band: they produce all the frequencies within a band at the same time, sort of like playing all the notes on the piano at the same time (along with all the notes between the notes that aren’t made into piano keys.) So you don’t have to choose a frequency with a Doug Plus machine because the frequency is already present just by turning on the machine. The DP100 is also capacitative, and its effects fall off less rapidly over distance than the coil devices, so you do not have to “aim” it at a specific location. As with the frequencies all being covered, all locations are also covered by the nature of the device.

People have healed themselves of Lyme, bartonella, babesia, and many other pathogenic infections with Doug Plus machines. (comments welcome from people who have healed themselves of other pathogenic problems.)

That is because biofilms are “designed” to be protective against chemicals, the body’s defense. But biofilm appears to be transparent to EMF, meaning that if you use the Resonant Frequency Effect, you go through the biofilm and right to the pathogen and disrupt it to death.

The inventor of the Doug Plus machines (deceased 2011) had a dark field microscope and was able to view (and take pictures of) before-and-after blood samples. That is, before treatment with a DP machine and after treatment. The results were visible; pathogens present and then not present, when blood was viewed in a dark field microscope.

So if you are suffering from one of those pathogens that conventional medicine either can’t treat or wants you to take years upon years of antibiotics to have an effect, know that there is another way.

Conclusion: if you have a condition that may be caused by a pathogen, or you have a condition that you know is caused by a pathogen, and you’re not getting anywhere with chemistry, try physics.


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