Posted by: eaubeauhorn | August 4, 2012

Animal cruelty

I saw an awful thing today. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but something I wish I could have done something about. I had bought a Rice Dream on a stick and was sitting outside the store eating it and saw an older woman (older than I am) strolling down the sidewalk pulling one of those little carts that you’d put your groceries in if you were walking home instead of driving. She was looking in the store windows, not in a hurry at all. As She got closer I heard her say a couple of things but to whom I didn’t know. Then as she passed me I saw that in the little cart there was a very small cat carrier, about half the size of a standard cat carrier, and inside it was a very large cat. I know it was large because I could see its head, only. I mean, it was just stuffed in there; I can’t imagine it could move at all. Since the carrier was in the cart, the cat was at about a 45 degree angle, resting on its rear end / back legs more or less. I heard it meow as she went by; also saw that she had some white plugs in her ears and also a leash around her wrist, that went inside the carrier. I suppose she had the cat on a leash as well as being inside the carrier. It was hot outside, at least 95 degrees, and she has this cat in the carrier and is “walking” it around in the heat.

I went inside the store to try to get a phone number to call and finally got one for Animal Rescue…..but could not find the lady after going back outside.

Phooey. I wonder now if I had accosted her at the time, what the outcome would have been. 911 wouldn’t have responded, I’m sure. I don’t know if this was her cat that she subjected to this on a frequent basis, or one she grabbed somewhere or what, but she was NOT SANE by any definition I go by, and that poor cat was stuck with her. Yes, I know there are worse things but we should do something about the things we run into, and I didn’t know what to do.



  1. Accosting this obviously clueless woman could have been dangerous; I doubt that she would “change her tune” just because you asked her to be humane. You did the right thing by contacting Animal Rescue.

    Too bad it was too late, though! But you did the best and wisest thing you could under the circumstances.

    • I wouldn’t have minded any danger to myself…she wasn’t that much bigger than I am. What I wish I had done was dog her and be on the cell phone to 911 until they came and either told me there was nothing they could do, or they did something. The lady could have just crammed it. There have been several times in my life when I have been sorry I did not take action when I should have; maybe next time I’ll dredge up the courage and wherewithal at the time it is needed.

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