Posted by: eaubeauhorn | July 15, 2012

Coconut oil and internet testimonials

I have my opinion of internet testimonials on sites that sell stuff. An intelligent and creative writer can come up with dozens of them in a week.

A month or so ago a friend wrote me and related her experience with coconut oil and her elderly dog, which is an Airedale. She has two Airedales, one older than the other. I’ve met both of them. When I spent several days at her house in April of 2011, the older dog was a little stiff and wobbly but still basically doing ok. But I guess a couple months ago he had developed “doggie dementia” to the point where he was relieving himself on the bed, not from misbehavior but from disorientation. I don’t remember what other symptoms she told me of, but there were others.

She is quite attached to her dogs, and decided to try coconut oil for this one’s mental problems. I don’t know what dose she gave him, just what she reported to me, which was after two weeks of coconut oil her dog essentially “went normal” mentally.

Based on that, I decided to tell a couple of friends who are both caretakers of loved ones who are exhibiting signs of dementia. One is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the other with Parkinson’s. I figured coconut oil is cheap and can do no harm so I passed on the information.

I got reports back from both people that there was a discernible positive benefit to the coconut oil. Two tablespoons a day was what they did; from what I’ve read, that amount twice a day would be better. But to have both the people report back that there was benefit, is gratifying.

Now, for you, this is just another dumb testimonial you read on the internet. But for me, it is first-hand information. I’ll point out my general opinion of supplements and testimonials about them: if you are deficient in something the supplement provides, you’re going to report a benefit. If you are allergic or intolerant of something the supplement provides, you’re going to report a detriment. And if you are neither deficient nor allergic, you’ll say it does nothing. I assume it’s the same with coconut oil. Perhaps people with dementia are deficient in medium chain fatty acids, either through dietary deficiency or inability to metabolize very well.


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