Posted by: eaubeauhorn | July 6, 2012

Mary, 1948-2012

Life support was turned off today and Mary passed on. She will be cremated and her ashes interred in a crypt in Green Valley, close to her father, whom she was very close to. Mary was loved by all who had the privilege of being in her light.



  1. May Mary rest in Peace. She was an inspiration to all who had the honor of knowing her. I will always treasure her memory and the good times that the three of us shared!

  2. Mary was my son’s horn teacher for 8 years, and was both a supportive friend and mentor to him. He always came out of his lesson beaming with renewed inspiration…sometimes from playing duets with her, or just from their long chats, sometimes about the horn and music, and sometimes just about life. He always sought to make her proud of his achievements, and our family will always remember her with great respect, gratitude, and love.

  3. I learned of Mary’s passing tonight from my former tenants in Green Valley whom I had recommended to Mary via an email on craigslist a few years ago. I was so saddened by the news. After over a year of trying to meet each other, Mary and I finally met last year after one of her concerts. Mary played the horn so beautifully, but most of all Mary is a bright light that will shine for a long time in my memory. Thank you, Mary.

  4. I just learned of Mary’s passing today. I had the privilege of knowing Mary during the time she spent here in Torino, Italy. She was a truly extraordinary woman, so kind and pure of heart. A simple and shining soul. An inspiration for us all. Although she played the horn beautifully, it is her chiming laugh that I think I will remember the most.

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