Posted by: eaubeauhorn | November 12, 2011

The worst thing about retirement

I never would have thought of this before it happened. I retired a few months ago, and there are other things going on, but this post is about retirement.
The other day, my partner called me, frantic because he thought he had left his vintage trumpet on his back porch when he left for work, and he was pretty sure it would disappear before he got home to rescue it. He’s a postal carrier and can’t just duck out for a half hour for an errand, so he called me. My first stop was at the post office to look inside his vehicle; there it was, despite the fact that he couldn’t remember putting it there. So….problem solved rather easily.


As I was driving to the post office, it occurred to me how wonderful it felt to have a purpose, however mundane. I was on a mission to help someone, and I realized that I have had zero purpose in my life since I retired. I had a *very* responsible job, with an entire public utility depending on my thought process, creativity, and dependability for protection against untoward events on its transmission system. In short, I had a major purpose in my work life.

Then, blooey, gone. I know many people flail about in retirement, and as I said, I have other things going on that make it even more difficult for me than for most, but this one thing, lack of purpose, was not something I had recognized. If I could find a purpose that I can pursue with my current physical limitations, it would help me out.


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