Posted by: eaubeauhorn | April 8, 2010

This diagnosis caused my life to make sense, finally

Another update of sorts: I found out last fall that I have another genetic condition that I didn’t know about. I certainly knew about the effect it has had on my life, though.

For the few of you who read this and know who I am, this may make sense to you: I found out that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. That is, I am in the autistic spectrum. It explains my life: why I can’t figure out the rules of social interaction, why other people are often uncomfortable dealing with me, why I don’t get much information from facial expressions and instead look for clues in body language, why I have melt-downs in situations that don’t even bother other people, why I take everything literally, why I have intense insterests, why I can’t function in a noisy environment, etc, etc, etc! It is not as obvious as it might be because I’ve had 60 years to develop coping mechanisms, and there is considerable IQ at work to do that. People think I’m normal but unreasonable, much of the time. They don’t realize that I’m not normal and am not acting unreasonably given what I have to work with.

It explains basically everything. For those of you who would appreciate the similarity, rent and watch the movie Mozart and the Whale; I bear a very strong resemblance to the female lead character, and have some characteristics of the male lead character too. Fascinating and freeing to know this; I don’t have to keep trying to be normal when I don’t have the brain capability to do so. I’m going to concentrate on enjoying my assets and stop worrying about my deficits.

When I found out that this was a possibility, I started attending a support group for adults with Asperger’s. I was astonished to meet people there who were basically just like me….I would never have guessed they were anything but eccentric. There are a couple who are more obvious; the guy who stares at the floor while he talks; the woman who says repetitive things; but most….were not that different from me. Often testy, having a hard time dealing with the same environmental issues I do, problems with digestion and food allergies, etc. I’m encouraging many of them to get tested for pyroluria since it is behind many of the symptoms, and life can get better if one is treated for it.


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