Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 17, 2010

The possible cure for RLS

The latest in the “RLS” saga:

I did not continue with the cranio-sacral because a new doctor suggested I get tested for pyroluria (KPU.) The test was positive, and I started the nutritional treatment for that, which consists mainly of zinc and B6, which are highly deficient when you have this disorder; the deficiencies are not detected in blood tests. The KPU test is a urine test.

In less than a week, my mental state changed dramatically: my paranoia and lifelong depression melted away as if by magic. Pharmaceuticals, of which I had tried many, had never achieved these results, and the drugs always had side effects.

But…the physical condition I call “the jerks” remained the same, and I still had the psychiatric effects of head-slamming frustration and extreme rage when I ate protein. While I was immensely improved in one way, in this other there was no progress. But given the choice of where I had been before the pyroluria treatment and where I was after it, the “after” condition was highly preferred.

Then, something else happened. A friend mentioned something in an email that caused me to query him, and I found out that he had recently been cured of his lifelong severe asthma (he is in his mid-sixties.) I use the word “cure” on purpose: it wasn’t that he found a better treatment, it was that his asthma was completely gone. His doctors called it “spontaneous remission.” To me, “spontaneous remission” is what the doctors say when what has cured you is outside of what they believe is possible; so they can’t attribute the cure to the real cause of it, but label it spontaneous remission instead. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

So my friend put me in contact with the person who helped him; I had to pay a small fee to join a research group, as this person is not a doctor. Upon paying the fee and filling out paperwork that stated that I was a research subject and this was not medical treatment, I received directions on what to try. I will point out that I am extremely compatible with this approach; I don’t have a lot of respect for authority until it proves, via demonstrated competence, that such respect is warranted. Experimenting on myself is how I have gotten as far as I have in dealing with my health condition, and I was way ahead of any of the myriad of medical professionals I consulted. An open mind is a very rare thing.

I was directed on how to make colloidal silver and how to determine the correct dosage, which had to do with triggering a Herxheimer reaction and then either backing off slightly or remaining at that dose. It was also suggested that I start taking food grade diatomaceous earth, which I did. I bought a countertop water distiller, a Hanna pure water tester, and the low-voltage colloidal silver generator sold by the research organization. I was told that I had Rouleau (google it if you like) with an underlying chronic systemic infection as the cause.

Here I will point out that many doctors had tested me for infection; one had put me on five sequential ten-day rounds of cipro, with no improvement. I had myself assumed I had leaky gut (intestinal permeability) and had tried several different things to kill off a theoretical candida infection. None of these had any discernable results. The background chronic infection that was the cause of the Rouleau, was not detectible in standard medical tests, nor treatable using antibiotics.

After just a few weeks taking the colloidal silver, my food “allergies” are gone to the point where I can eat almost anything now: the only remaining problem is corn, which appears to be a different reaction than the protein reaction; corn gives me hives while protein gave me seizure activity. In just the last week, I’ve had a burger and fries; pizza; eggs; a grilled cheese sandwich; Chinese food that included meat; and we went out and ate my favorite, which is Indian food. I’m eating gluten, dairy, nightshades, and meat, all things that were causing severe reactions for many years prior to starting the colloidal silver.

I am continuing the colloidal silver until I cannot get a Herx reaction at any dose; then, if I still have “the jerks” I will look farther for a cause. But to say I am delighted to be able to eat again, is a vast understatement. In the last couple of years, I have been famished all the time but essentially afraid to eat because of knowing the consequences if I did, which were both psychiatric and physical. I had become underweight; in the last two weeks I’ve put on five pounds. I’m going to have to be careful not to turn into a tubby!

So of course I am wondering how many people with “RLS” have Rouleau; I suspect quite a few. Now, the “MD approach” to treating Rouleau would be with drugs, such as heparin. But that does not treat the cause, only the symptom, and with drugs you have to take them the rest of your life. Our system is set up that way, to get as much money spent on drugs as possible, while the pharmaceutical companies do their damndest to keep people from finding out how to actually cure themselves. After all, that wouldn’t be profitable, would it? Do your own thinking on this one, folks. If you “ask your doctor” this one, you’ll get the textbook answer.



  1. […] I ran across such a dramatic success story today about someone discovering colloidal silver that I just have to copy and share it with my readers. […]

  2. This post was some years ago but I’d like to thank you for your information on pyroluria and the treatments of colloidial silver and diatomacious earth ect. I have all I need in my home now and am about to experiment on myself some more. I just think it stinks we have to be our own lab rats.

    • Over the years I’ve learned that everyone is different (duh) and that even my own causes seem to change over time. I have zero problem now unless I eat lectins. I am no longer a “moldie,” meaning I got over mold illness through avoidance, and I had thought that was the problem for a long time. Maybe it was? But now, I simply avoid lectins and have no problem.

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