Posted by: eaubeauhorn | August 13, 2008

RLS update 8-13-08

RLS Update: 8-13-08 My symptoms were escalating again a few weeks ago, and I had taken note that almonds were tasting “better and better” to me. In the past, I have found that when I have a particular liking for a food, chances are 100% that this is an addictive allergy (google it) and I need to stop eating it. So…regretfully I stopped eating almonds, and my symptoms dropped back to their former level. I suspect that I have this brain-allergic reaction to all protein, and that short of giving up all protein I’m stuck with the RLS symptoms until I figure something else out. If you are someone who, like me, develops allergies to anything you are in contact with for any length of time, you’ll need to develop some sort of rotation diet in order to be able to eat at all.

Also recently I decided to do a gluten test; I do “tests” on a regular if not frequent basis, to make sure that what I think is going on is in fact going on. After eating gluten for a week or two, I noticed that I was in a constant state of itching, scratching about everywhere all the time. Just as if I were allergic to my laundry detergent (which has happened in the past.) However, the usual places where I’d expect the most reaction (like where I put pressure when sitting) were not any worse than the middle of my back, and I decided that it wasn’t laundry detergent. So…I stopped the gluten again, and in three days the itching was gone. There is a little-known skin condition that sometimes goes with celiac sprue, labeled, as is celiac-sprue, as an automimmue disorder, and that appears to have been what was going on. In all that time I had no intestinal reaction whatsoever.)

A friend of mine, who also abstains from gluten, has the symptom of mental fogginess on eating gluten. I don’t think she has any other discernable reaction, but this one is profound for her. Her reaction also appears to be a brain allergy.


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