Posted by: eaubeauhorn | July 1, 2008


Last night I had a long dream about one of my friends who moved to California. Before we even met in person, I had had a vivid dream of this half of the partnership, and there was no doubt it was him because when I met him, I had already seen him in the dream state clearly enough to recognize him in person. Anyone who thinks there is no precognition simply has yet to learn that it exists.

In a previous post I lamented at the loss of my friends, also from a dream. In my dream last night, we had gone to San Franciso together, but we got separated. I went and did everything I wanted to do, noting the absence of my friends but not being terribly upset about it….just went on with my stuff. There was a continual “we missed each other somehow, where are they?” and some interaction with J., but the essence of the dream was that we got separated and I was doing ok by myself.

So that shows a mental resolution and acceptance on my part, of the way things have gone.



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