Posted by: eaubeauhorn | May 22, 2008

A visit from my Cosmic Committee

Frank DeMarco refers to his guides as The Guys Upstairs, or TGU. I refer to mine as my Cosmic Committee, using the nomenclature of my shamanic teacher Hank Wesselman.

Last night I clearly had a visit from my CC, in a dream. I was asleep in bed, in some kind of apartment, condo, large hotel suite, or whatever. A maid-type person opened the door, while I was still asleep in the morning, and let in a fairly large group of official-looking women who wanted to interview me about some kind of position I had applied for. I asked who gave permission to let them in like this, and the maid said, “Mr. Kookooberra.” I asked who he was, and she said “the Prime Minister.” All this in a British accent. I said “I’m American” as explanation for not knowing who was PM. I excused myself to brush my teeth and said I’d be right there, but I woke up.

I’ve thought on this one as to what it means (I have a hard time sometimes with dreams, forgetting that the symbolism in them is usually pretty direct, because I am pretty dense) but decided that it was once again somewhat literal: my CC wants to talk to me about something I’ve “applied to do” but I’m asleep and they can’t get through. They were sent in dream form by the PM, or the Head Honcho, because they’re not getting through when I’m awake.

My life has been extremely intense the last couple of months due to an exceedingly heavy load at work; I’m working straight through including weekends, until the project is done, and clearly I am “asleep” in terms of listening to my CC. Don’t know how to fix it other than quitting my job.



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