Posted by: eaubeauhorn | April 28, 2008

My best spiritual teacher is….

…my cat. I have two cats; one I would call an Old Soul Cat and the other I would call a Young Soul Cat.

The Young Soul cat is aggressive, domineering, insensitive to any needs but her own, and engages in magical thinking, in that she believes her persistent whining is why I feed her.

The Old Soul cat is more or less the opposite; live-and-let-live, egalitarian, and sensitive to my moods in the sense that if I am upset/unhappy, she does her best to cheer me up. She also doesn’t whine, beg, or otherwise make a pest of herself. She seems to understand that I feed her on my own schedule and doesn’t try to change that but just accepts what comes her way, including the aggression of the Young Soul Cat. Her MO is to accept as much as possible, and get out of the way for the rest of it, while being present/engaging on whatever level is requested.

OSC (Old Soul Cat) has had a toy for quite a few years, which is a dirty sock she stole out of the laundry basket. She carries it around, mostly when no one is home (we find it in all kinds of places) or when I’ve gone to bed. She yowls at it and if you aren’t familiar with the act, you’d think she was being tortured by something….but apparently she is pretending the sock is a critter she has caught and is playing with. I have heard similar yowls when she has caught a lizard and is carrying it around in her mouth. The sock goes in the refrigerator at night to prevent the yowling from waking me up in the wee hours, and she gets it back when I get up in the morning.

Occasionally the sock disappears and we can’t find it anywhere, and it always ends up that we left a door or cabinet open, she took it in there while we were gone, and then when access to that place becomes possible again, the sock re-appears. Recently the sock disappeared for several weeks, and we had given up on its showing back up again; we looked everywhere, with a flashlight, that we thought it possibly could have gone. I gave up and tried to give her another, to-me-identical sock, that I wore for a while to get that glorious foot smell on it. She would have none of it….I gave it to her, she sniffed it, and simply walked on, because it was not HER SOCK. No substitute for this cat!

Shortly thereafter, I looked, once again, in the hall coat closet, and lo and behold, this time I saw the sock in there! I got it out, gave it to her, and she was all smiles. In retrospect, I realized that she had all along known where it was. She tried to get in the hall closet, and I, the All-Knowing-Human, informed her that she was not allowed in that closet and did not open the door. She, being the Old Soul Cat that she is, accepted the situation and my denseness in not understanding what she was trying to tell me….that the Sock was in that closet. And she just accepted and waited for the resolution, come as it may or not may.

If I could have the personality my cat does, I would be truly blessed. She has, in addition to her loving, accepting nature, a streak of pure scamp-ness that endears her even more to me. Even at her geriatric age of 16 (she still bounces around the house on occasion) she will occasionally get “that look” on her face and I know that mischief is just around the corner. It’s never horrible mischief, but it could be that a chair is going to have fabric that is a little more tattered than it was before. Oh well…I can accept that, can’t I?


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