Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 16, 2008

Magnesium and RLS

Update 4-28-08

After only a week on the Mg citrate, I had to go back to the previous form of magnesium, the Mg-L-dihydrate. Apparently the excellent results upon first trying the citrate were an anomoly, because after the honeymoon I reverted to my previous experiences with other forms of Mg…I could not get enough in me to do the job, even with over-the-top intestinal malfunction (i.e., could not leave the house.) I’m on however much Mg I get with my Ca supplement, plus four tabs of of the dihydrate, daily. (the brand name is Mag-Tab SR, made by Niche, and I most highly recommend this to anyone who might have a magnesium deficiency. You can buy it from the maker at

Further note: I found the original post had been hijacked and attributed to someone unknown to me (and perhaps to themselves) and used on a site that sells things. The post was taken without permission and a link was inserted back to this site. So if that is how you found this, know that it was without permission; you should use that knowledge in any buying decision you make.

Original post: (just for reference)

A week ago I decided to try a different magnesium than I was taking. Years ago an online friend had told me to try a powdered Mg citrate product called Calm, for my RLS. I did try it, and taking the suggested dose brought me great intestinal problems in the form of both flatulence and diarrhea. So I gave up on that and took what my doctor had had me on, which was magnesium-L-dyhydrate, which was supposed to be very absorbable at much lower doses (which would alleviate the intestinal problems.) I took enough of that to get rid of my major Mg deficiency symptoms, which were muscle pain, nervousness, and general debility.

But after a friend who recently developed mild RLS got rid of his symptoms by taking Mg citrate, I decided to give it a try again. I put myself on 200 mg with meals, which is 3 a day. I got the runs again, no surprise there. But manageable so far; and….great benefits. I am sleeping much, much better; I have more energy and my mood is much more cheerful (both of which may be due simply to getting more sleep; I really can’t assign cause here.) But I’m feeling enough better that I will continue to take this except in circumstances that I really can’t be sure of being near a rest room, such as when I’m travelling. I remember from a past physician (the one who found my mineral deficiencies and prescribed doses to correct the blood levels of them) that Mg takes six weeks to build up a sufficient store, so it will be another five weeks before I expect to see full benefits from this experiment.



  1. Hmmm…will definitely have to give that a try. I have RLS (associated with my Transverse Myelitis) and have yet to find an adequate, natural supplement to help relieve this sometimes very uncomfortable sensation in my legs. Thanks for sharing!

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