Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 15, 2008

On the law of attraction

I’m convinced that we attract. I’ll give a concrete example; for the year 2007 I had a conflict at work because of a change in managers. The previous manager had approved a promotion for me that I very much deserved. The new manager, whom I had had as manager before, is a misogynist and flatly refused the promotion, in a “just say no” manner. Well….to put it mildly, that pissed me off. I spent 2007 bucking for that promotion, using more and more resources, until I brought in the support of our one female vice president; if I went under her wing, I was, in her words, “untouchable.” Within a couple weeks of making this move, lo and behold I got my promotion. It was a battle I needed to win; I needed to develop the spine to fight this guy instead of being intimidated by him. But I was still living under the aura of someone who basically had it in for me, for no reason except that my boobs aren’t as big as he would like.
Then, just a few weeks ago, I got another new manager, one I get along with fine although we don’t see eye to eye on everything. One of the very first things he asked me was if I was happy, something that the previous manager couldn’t find to ask if his life depended on it. Suddenly my own frame of mind was completely different; I woke up in the morning not hating the thought of going to work; I smiled at people, engaged them in conversations, instead of just staying out of sight in my cubicle. The result is that the same people I worked with before, have commented to me that they can tell a huge difference; I’m having lively, fun conversations with peole who basically avoided talking to me. So…I think I attracted them; it wasn’t that I didn’t seek out these contacts, because I did. But my frame of mind before was so negative based on how I was being treated, that my aura was keeping positive experiences away from me. So I do believe in the law of attraction, in that particular sense. But I call it the law of Resonance….what you resonate with is what will be around you, even in what parts of people you get to interact with. I think it works that way in the Afterlife, in spades.


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