Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 15, 2008

My lioness friend

In a previous post I’ve mentioned Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of war and healing, and that I appear to have a connection with her from some un-remembered past life. In the last week or so, I’ve been dreaming of lionesses….not well-remembered dreams in terms of story line, but waking up with the remembrance of being in the presence of lions. And I feel that presence during the day too, as if a lioness and I are one in a way; I feel stronger, less vulnerable. Not necessarily less fearful of world events around me, but less intimidated by other people. It is a wonderful feeling, one that I treasure. I hope to hang on to it. If I truly have Sekhmet as a spirit helper, I can only be grateful in the highest sense.



  1. I too experienced Sekhmet as that presence of strength. She seems to be rising all over the place. A fiercesome teacher is she my friend.

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