Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 9, 2008

A vision of the direction I’m going

I don’t know whether to call this intuition or not, but I had an interesting experience after reading the following after a google search on “phosphene wesselman:”

“And yesterday during the Solstice meditation, floating in a kayak on a large body of water connected with the vast oceans of this world, I had a powerful glimpse into the emerging global One Mind gaian consciouness, no longer identifying with the skin-encapsulated ego (to quote Peter Russell) but sensing the awesome collective joining of hearts and souls as the resonating initial resurgence of the “We Are All One” consciousness from which we can and will soon activate the self-healing powers of the Earth.
Jean Hudon” (in the year 2000)

Now, first I thought “I bet she was in a kayak in Puget Sound,” which is one of my own favorite experiences of all time. Then I got sort of a vision (not a wildly visual vision as some get, but more of a Bruce Moen-like “impression”) of myself immersed in the corporate world as I am, and being pulled, sucked almost, by a force that is slowly but surely removing me from that world towards the new world that I am striving so much to enter. It felt like it is “just happening” and I don’t really have to “do” anything, since the pull is coming from outside the “little me,” as it were. I don’t know if this process is taking so long because that is how long these processes take, or if I’m just slow to make the kind of internal change that is necessary to get there.

Anyway it basically felt good, that I am headed a direction I want to head, even though I have to be pulled there by forces yet unknown to me.



  1. Being open and willing to allow these Forces to do their work, is a BIG step towards Love and away from Fear.

    Good for you!

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