Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 3, 2008

Shamanic Journey 3-2-08

Last night I was finally able to go check out a local, drop-in shamanic journeying circle. I was pleasantly surprised; the person running the circle was very open to the fact that people come from different backgrounds and cultural approaches to journeying, and did not impose any more structure than was necessary.

 The direction for the first journey was to seek guidance from one of the four directions. After the drumbeat settled into a rhythm, I saw a man approaching from the East on a white horse; he appeared to be Native American but could have been Mongolian or even South American, but he was from a culture that either no longer is present on the earth or is present only quite far from what we call civilization. He had on a headdress of sorts and carried some kind of spear; it wasn’t primarily a weapon but more of a sacred staff.

I was standing in a desert-like area; there were no trees to be seen, only the horizon. As he reached me, he dismounted the horse; he scribed a circle around me in the sand, and then ceremoniously tossed a grey-green dust-like substance on me.

I don’t know what this was about, at this point; but it appeared to be a cleansing of sorts.

The next journeys’ instructions were to ask two questions: first, what do I need most; and second, what do I have to offer.

The vision I got on the “what do I need most” question was one of the Upper World; what I usually perceive on visits to the Upper World is a star field against a totally black background, as if I were in the middle of a galaxy. On this visit, I saw tendrils connecting each of the white points of light. (To me, these white points of light are representations of soul clusters or individual souls at their point of origin.) Then I “became” some of these tendrils, stretching out and touching as many of the points of light as possible. My interpretation is that what I need most is connections with people. This blog is one of my efforts in that direction.

The vision I got on the “what do I have to offer” was a little confusing; immediately I got a picture of myself playing the oboe. I’m new to the oboe but making good progress, and at this point I don’t see it as “offering” anything to anyone. However, after a connection was revealed to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet in a previous healing ceremony, as gratitude for her participation I offered to her all playing I did on the oboe henceforth, since the oboe has descended from ancient double-reed instruments, and an oboe-like instrument did exist in ancient Egyptian times. Perhaps this vision was verification that my offering was heard and accepted.



  1. It would also be interesting to offer any compositions that you write for the oboe to Sekhmet!

    I’d be fascinated to hear what you come up with. I bet it’d be good!

  2. Great journeys eaubeauhorn and thank you for sharing them. There isn’t a drumming circle where I am, but I had thought about trying to organize one. At this time it’s just me and my cat, who seems to kind of like it when I drum.

  3. Thanks, Richard!
    My cats don’t seem to like my noise-making, no matter what instrument it is on. One runs when I pick up my horn, the other one stays as long as I’m not too close, but that one runs when I get out the oboe! And they both run when I get out the drum.

    I suppose you’ll never know who would come to a drumming circle unless you set one up!

    Thank you so much for helping me set up my blog, Rich; I’m starting to get comments from people who found it via google or some other search engine, and this could get interesting after a while.


  4. Hi there,
    I’m a friend of Richard’s and I followed your link from his blog to yours. The points of light that you describe have also been a part of my own shamanic journeying. In one of my journeys when asked what I needed I the vision of myself weaving at a loom. I was weaving a spider’s web and when it was complete the web rose of it’s own volition with me in the center of it. It stretched out to touch other webs and all over my web and all the webs that meshed to become one, there were were little twinkling stars where the web connected and intersected with other strands. I also understood these little twinkling star lights to be other souls.

    “The fire that is our essence comes from the stars and to the stars our essences will return. The Earth is our mother who gave us bodies. After our Earth Walk, our bodies return to the Earth. Our spirits are from the wind as is our breath. Our words are our breath and therefore are sacred.” — Jamie Sams

    It wonderful to find you. I’ll be adding your blog to my Links. 🙂

  5. Brightfeather,
    Thanks so much for your comment and support! It is amazing how similar our visions of the Upper World are, and I look forward to further communication.

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