Posted by: eaubeauhorn | March 1, 2008

Lost in the crowd

I dreamed I was with C&J in San Francisco; C had a gig, and I was also wearing concert black and carrying my violin and one other small object, although I had on white tennies. We arrived at the venue and a man met us; C was to be playing the harp with someone. The man took off walking rapidly with C&J, and I trailed behind keeping up as well as I could through the crowd. They started down a broad curving stairway that met with another that crossed over it, and simply disappeared. I was left standing there not knowing which way they went, and I called out, but nothing….they were gone. I kept going in the direction I hoped they had gone, and found the entrance to backstage. There were other musicians entering; since I was dressed appropriately and had my violin, I just nodded and said Hi and they let me in.

Getting to the rest of backstage was tricky…I had to walk along a thin ledge that was covered in a layer of slippery straight pins. I made it all the way to the back of the backstage area but C&J were not there. Somehow now I had C’s harp instead of my violin, and I set it down backstage as it would be safe there. I was horribly worried that I had his harp and he wouldn’t have it for his performance as we had lost each other. Even though they had taken off w/o a backwards glance, I blamed myself for not being able to follow. I searched and searched and asked a man if he could make an announcement over the PA throughout the large, department-store-like building, and he said he would see if he could, but nothing happened.

I went back along the route I had followed and still didn’t find them. Meanwhile an orchestra performance started. I woke up feeling very, very sad. My heart literally hurt at having lost my friends.


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