Posted by: eaubeauhorn | February 27, 2008

Recurrent Dreams about fish


Jungian dream last night; one I have on a regular basis, every few months. In this dream I was with two men; one of them was the manager I had at work until yesterday, when a re-org replaced him with someone else. I was glad about this because I always felt he had it in for me.

Anyhow, in the dream, we were putting together something to eat or drink, and it included lemon juice. I got the jar of lemon juice out of the cupboard, and it had small fish swimming in it; lots of them. Apparently they had been in there for quite some time. There were two larger fish too; and I couldn’t figure out how they were breathing in there, or living in the lemon juice. The substance of the dream was as usual….the fish couldn’t breathe and I was trying to help them or save them in some way.

A Jungian therapist told me once that dreams of fish have to do with your inner, core self, and that taking care of fish was symbolic of taking care of your core self. Since all these fish dreams have to do with the fish not being able to breathe and my trying to help them, I take this as symbolic of my core self not having room to breathe and I need to take care of that, provide it with some breathing room.

I’ve been really aware recently that I have no close in-person friends I can talk to about the things that are really important to me; work contacts are, well, work contacts, and my in-person friends are all musicians. While those are great contacts, I’m still missing people whom my core self can really talk to, and I need to go find some of those.


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