Posted by: eaubeauhorn | February 23, 2008

2nd galantamine experiment

Last night was Friday night again, on my “schedule” for the galantamine experiment.
We had gone to a concert/show and I got to bed late, near midnight, but I set the timer to go off at 5 a.m. It did, I took the galantamine even though I was really tired and figured I’d fall back asleep again, which happened.

But still in the half-hour time frame I got the familiar feeling of starting to float out, and I did the turn-and-exit I’ve used before, which was easy. One thing I saw was a dark lampshade next to the bed, with a tiny yellow dot of light in it. It was quite close, almost startling. However I proceeded to do my best to walk around the dark room. I could “see” by “opening” my right eye…”opening” my left eye seemed to make me see less well, so there I was with one eye open. (Symbology there, probably!)
I was not left-brain awake except mildly, and other than the usual experimenting with going through walls I don’t remember much about the experience; there was a point where I was outside, in the dark, flying about, but clearly it was not on the physical plane. It went on a while but I have no specific recollections except that there were other people involved.

At the very end of the set of experiences (I had to go in and out a couple times before it “took”) I was in bed, in a room that I was sharing with a couple. I remember blue bedspread and yellow walls….so I was out of the “dark” and into the “light.” The male half of the couple arrived back from wherever and was talking to me about something philosophical, but I don’t remember where it was. Then the female half showed up with vacuum cleaners….apparently it was time to clean the room; symbology there, too, probably.

At another point in the dream there was a male whom I admired, who crawled into bed with me and “spooned”…and I was happy about that but wondered if his relationship had gone astray; he had been attached.

Not a very coherent experience, but to be expected since I was so tired.
And, once again, the intent I set….to go to my Garden in the middle world, did not occur. Perhaps because I had so little left brain engagement.


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