Posted by: eaubeauhorn | February 22, 2008

Change order

My life seems to be in a change-order right now; two dear friends who didn’t live all that close but who were physically accessible via a drive, moved to where they are no longer so easily accessible. Another dear friend is totally pre-occupied with an impending marriage to a fiance who dislikes me so much I have been banned from attending the wedding.

Since I’m a really busy person I don’t have a lot of people I hang out with; I go to rehearsals of the concert band I play in and also rehearsals for the brass quintet I play in. I interact with people at work, but they are not friends per se; and I of course interact with my own current life partner. But I feel a lack, an intense one, of friends whom I can “really” talk to about things that are important to me. Although my relationship is pleasant and without much strife, we don’t see eye to eye on topics that are dear to my heart, and discussions go nowhere….it seems to turn into one or the other of us giving up because of our set points of view.

I’m taking an online class in intuition right now, which consists of seven people communicating via email. It is just getting off the ground but is giving good food for thought. Would that it could be a local, in-person class! But alas…no. I’m trying to tune into my intuition (another word for Guidance if you are oriented that way) to see how I can hook up with people locally to fill that void in my soul. It really needs to happen, but, like winning the lottery, I have to buy a ticket first; meaning I have to DO something that is different from sitting in front of the computer lamenting or just continuing the patterns in my life.


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