Posted by: eaubeauhorn | February 19, 2008

A bad night

Night before last I had a very bad night with almost no sleep; I made the mistake of eating things I shouldn’t too close to bedtime, and the result was one big long hot flash that had me sleeping in my 60 degree room without any covers at all, all night long, plus continuous leg jerks caused by the gluten and casein that I ate with my meal. So basically zero sleep and I had to go to work yesterday. I left early and spent the evening on the couch waiting for 10 PM so I could take my timed medication and then go to bed. I did that, and woke up at 3:40. Since it was the “perfect time” for talking galantamine, I went ahead and did so, 200 mg. I turned off the alarm and decided that I’d wake up when I woke up, and work longer at the end of the day for any time I missed in the morning. I set a strong intent to “go to my Garden.”

An explanation is in order as to what my Garden is; I’m on a shamanic path of spiritual growth, attracted to it because of my strong love of my animal friends and Nature, and also a lifelong interest in Native American culture. I’ve taken several week-long shamanic workshops, and the latest one was Visionseeker 1 with Hank Wesselman. One of the exercises is to create a place in the Middle World that is our Garden; a place where we go to rejuvenate, and where our spirit helpers meet with us.

I fell asleep and didn’t have a lucid dream but I did have one that I remember; I was in my Garden playing with three young tiger cubs. They were cuddly and playful like kittens, and clearly we knew each other well. However, they weren’t “my” cubs in this dream, just visitors apparently. They weren’t striped, but a cream color with a bit of tiger-yellow on them. They were big, bigger than I am, but still cubs. It was a delightful dream and very welcome.


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