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On our walk the other night….

We set out on our walk in the evening a few days ago, walking down the street where I live, talking as usual, in the dark. Part way down I saw a dark thing in the road and thought maybe it was a cat. It went to the other side, came back, scampered into someone’s yard. As we got closer I saw it again, but it seemed quite a bit larger than a cat this time. Then it sort of snorted and I thought, it has to be a dog, but what a weird noise for a dog….and then it took off through the yards back the direction we came from. But not just one; we counted them, there were seven, five adults and two babies, and they were javalina, a whole herd of them. First time I’ve seen a herd anywhere not in a zoo, especially in my own neighborhood. Someone’s cactus or flowers or garbage got eaten that night. And I was glad we were talking since javalina can be dangerous. They do not see well, startle easily, run amock basically when startled, and have huge tusks that can do a lot of damage if you are in their way when they flee. I’m a whole lot more fearful of javalina than I am of rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes are shy, and if you keep your eyes open and don’t bother them, they are very happy to leave you alone.

Then at the end of the walk we were standing outside talking, and I saw a very bright greenish meteor, with a long trail, start at about 30 degrees above the north horizon; I exclaimed and pointed, and we both watched it as it continued to zenith and then burned out. Very bright, not quite the  most spectacular I’ve seen but in second place. Even though it lasted several seconds, it was much too quick to get a picture unless you were pointed that way anyway. We wondered if it was an early Lyrid but it seems way too early, more likely copper-containing debris of some kind…..and got into a discussion of the meteor that exploded over Russia not that long ago and what effect it must have had on the people who saw it.

One of our more interesting walks.

Posted by: eaubeauhorn | April 4, 2013

Harbinger Halts

I have a big fat problem.

At 5 a.m. this morning when I woke up and was in my usual early-morning motor-mind state in bed, I realized I do not want to build the house. That is a large part of why I’m balking (the problems with the builder are making me balk also, but the biggie is that I just don’t want to build the house.)

I’ve had this in the past, these come-to-a-halt balks. They are harbingers, really, of the future that is yet to unfold but which is sending echoes at me. The most prominent of these in memory was back when I was still free-lancing and giving music lessons; I had set up yet another potential duo to make money, was headed to the guy’s house to start seeing what we could put together, and the car just came to a halt at the side of the road. I sat there a while, turned around, went home, called the guy and apologized. That was my first clue that in the future I was going to go back to school and not be a professional musician any more. Harbinger.

Another time the car wouldn’t go where I aimed it….was after I had gotten Pepper as a tiny kitten from the Humane Society, brought her home, and Miss Kitty had a real live hissy fit that just didn’t quit. After a couple of days I loaded Pepper in the car to take her back, and the car simply would not go to the Humane Society. Once again, I turned around and went back home, and Pepper became my source of comfort for a very long time.

And so I find myself coming to a dead halt yet again, but have no idea what it is a harbinger of. Change, no doubt, but I have no idea what change.

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The latest attempt….

I found what appeared to be a testimonial from one doctor about another doctor, on yet a third doctor’s web site. It was not “A Testimonial” in the official sense, just a couple paragraphs that appeared with some other stuff. But being me, the Scholar, I followed up on it just out of curiosity. I arrived at this site: which is basically treatments for fibromyalgia, and found that the phone consultations are free. Since he is across the country from me, a phone consultation was all I could manage anyway. As with other things I’ve been tuned into lately, there was a lot of kinesiology testing by proxy. If this is outside your belief system, you’re missing out on a lot of good.

So anyhow, I had a one hour free consultation on the phone (by appt.) and the things he told me were wrong, were things that are wrong. Ok, so that end of it is working, which is good news. Plus, the things he told me to take, were, some of them, things that I already knew were beneficial for me, like colloidal silver and diatomaceous earth. So, being ready to start the next thing, I went ahead and ordered the stuff he wanted me to take. Some from him, some from elsewhere. But for several weeks I’ve been taking it, some of it not would I would choose (like the 3T of pomace oil once a day for my gall stones,) but nothing caused me such problems that I felt I needed to stop.

And, I think I have seen an improvement, but more important is that my intuition is saying, “Just keep doing this.” I’ve had a second consult now, and the things I had noticed an improvement in, he also reported an improvement in.

He says that the reason I react so violently to mold is because I have a systemic mold infection that is causing my system to be highly reactive to any additional exposure. Since that has been one of my theories for a while, it was nice to hear it from someone who claims to be able to do something about it.

So maybe I’m going to get somewhere this time. Wouldn’t that be nice? As always, if I get somewhere definitive, the world will know about it!

Oh, and BTW, I enjoy talking to this crusty, religious old guy. He has a sense of humor and laughs at my jokes…when I talk to Westerners, often they just don’t get the subtle verbal Eastern sense of humor and just look at me strangely. Since this also happens to other re-located-to-the-West friends of mine, I think it is a cultural thing and just something to try to work around as necessary. But how refreshing to talk to someone who gets it!

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The Potato Chip Spirit

I was reading about diet and cancer this morning, the usual from having followed a train through the internet, one thing leading to another. I have had a little problem lately with potato chips….eating them, that is. Not something that is good for me. Well, I had walked to the grocery yesterday and bought a bag of Ruffles, ate half of them, then made a vow and put the bag in the garbage can. Just after I read the stuff about cancer and diet, the bag rustled in the garbage can. No kidding….out of nowhere, Rustle. I laughed and said, “Ok, I get it.” And laughed some more. I don’t get spirit communication very often, and usually it’s in the dream state. To have the Potato Chip Spirit telling me it was supposed to be in the garbage can, is really hilarious.

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The problem with social media

First there was snail mail; I remember corresponding with people in the years before email. Letters were informational, and you could have deep discussions about things if you wanted to. There was plenty of time to frame an appropriate response, and it was worth the time because the pace of exchange was so slow. You had to be literate to write letters, and to read them.

Then came email; content changed because you could almost have a conversation about something, because the pace had increased. But emails could still be similar to snail mails in content; we discussed topics that required more than a quip in reply. Some of us formed friendships through email.

Then came social media, where the quip seems to be the only communication. People have their “pages” where they present a persona to the world; one person’s page is all about spirituality, his brand, another’s page is all about her approach to a medical problem, yet another page is about someone’s life in a tent. They are quasi-commercial, and the deep communication that was the foundation of the long-gone snail mail, and still possible with email, appears to have vanished. Nothing left but selling oneself and quipping back and forth.


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Scholar Brain and other stuff

I’ve been messing with my Pbone for a few months. Not learning it like I would normally learn an instrument when I had a goal to learn to play it, because no goal is currently possible what with not being able to attend rehearsals. So….I go days without playing it, and then mess with it for a few minutes here and there. Nothing you could possibly call practicing, at least not in the definition I would put to it. When it doesn’t seem to be working, I don’t try to fix it but just put it down again and turn on the TV or something. That is, zero negative reinforcement, a true devil-may-care approach to it. Pure fun.


There seems to be a trend; the last two or three times, I seem to be falling into something that works for a clear and easy high range (yesterday was the C above middle C.) Unfortunately the cup placement that works, makes it much harder to get a good sound in the low range, but the shift necessary to get to the placement for the existing good low range is too much to expect while actually playing. (It’s an actual sideways movement of the cup, not a pushing of the lips around on the teeth. One does not want to scoot the mouthpiece when changing ranges!) However, given that the side-placement gets that fleshy protrusion in the center of my upper lip out of the way, it is probably worth the effort to learn to have a nice sound in the low range with this cup placement. Pedal tones will be a challenge though.

So anyhow I get to messing around looking at some videos by Wilktone on Youtube, and saw one where a trombonist had the same lip tremor as I do when playing horn. His tremor went away when he changed his cup placement to use more lower lip, an up-blowing embouchure. Well, I had noted in the past that dystonia symptoms can be relieved by a change in sensation, and frankly I wondered if this guy will re-develop his tremor after spending some time with the new cup placement. I doubt it would be advertised if he did, though.

So I am off and running again with my scholarly, study-is-fun attitude towards embouchure, and I’m getting to where I don’t sound half bad on the Pbone, either. I may badger partner H into some duets this weekend, when the temperature will be in the 70s and we can be outside bothering the neighbors. We will pretend it is still Christmas and play some carols!

It’s nice to have my brain back again.

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It is 7:37 a.m. and I just looked online for the official temperature, which is 19.4. I think that means we set another record low.

This is the fourth night that I’ve shut the water off, drained the pipes, and set two hose bibs on dribble to keep the metal pipes from freezing. So far the dribble has still been there in the morning. But….yesterday it was noon before I could get the water going in the trailer; I had to wait for the sun to be on it for an hour first, to thaw out things that I can’t drain without blowing them out with an air compressor. Fortunately PEX can take freezing pretty well, at least so far. I always listen and watch carefully when I turn the water back on, to make sure there are not leaks. If there is a leak, I”ll be in trouble but so far, all is well. We have one night to go before it is predicted to warm back up again.

I’m still staying reasonably warm in here with my 1000 watt Presto Heat Dish; that is less wattage than most hair dryers, but with its directional output I can aim it at me from a few feet away and it feels like sitting in front of a fireplace. My “away side” is chilly but I do ok. I have a backup heater that I haven’t used yet; it has a blower on it and I’m reluctant to use it unless I have to.

I wonder how the critters do in this weather….I haven’t seen a quail in days. Where do they keep warm? How about the bunnies? I had a dream this morning that I had forgotten all about my horse and hoped someone was taking care of it. (I don’t have a horse, but always wanted one.)

Today is a tennis court day, usually around 10 a.m but somehow I doubt many people will be there, including me. I need to go out because I’m out of drinking water, but later, when it is at least 40 out. 40 is pretty cold when you drive with the windows down. Yesterday I got another bottle of gas because one ran out a couple days ago….I only use it for cooking and showering, and the last 20 lb bottle lasted a month.

I had a nice conversation yesterday with a guy who has a small farming operation (I guess I’d call it a large garden rather than a small farm) where he is trying to grow high-brix vegetables a la Carey Reams. They were looking for new members but after my explanation of my lack of confidence as to my whereabouts six months from now, he agreed to let me chip in and help and get food in exchange. They really needed someone who could do some harvesting and delivering in the middle of the week, and since I’m retired I can do that. It’s only a mile from here, so there is yet another thing that makes me want to stay on the East side. Rats….

I was told remotely that I had a hiatal hernia that needed to be fixed (long story, kinesiology by proxy.) The first chiropractor I got a hold of said sure he did them all the time, so I went to see him. I’m rarely impressed by a medical practitioner, but this guy had a great office, wasn’t fancy, wasn’t all full of smelly or moldy stuff, and as a person I liked him too. Professional, courteous, treated me with respect, tested me for the hernia, adjusted it, and also gave me a chiropractic adjustment, which I like to get but generally don’t spend the money on. I went back yesterday, he found the hernia had pretty much stayed fixed, re-fixed it anyway, gave me another adjustment, said he’d thought about the mold but hadn’t come up with anything. Great guy, rare out there. Most of them are either arrogant nincompoops or interested only in how far they can dig into your wallet. He allowed me to self-pay at a very fair rate.

Well, that’s the haps. Brrrr. Time to drink my morning tea.

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The art of the Dribble Shower

When you have six gallons of hot water, you have four options in cold weather:

1. Do not take a shower, which leaves you dirty

2. Take a sponge bath out of a bucket, which is hard when you have long hair. You need a rinse bucket as well as a soapy bucket. Problematic because it causes you to freeze to death while you are wet.

3. Take a “Navy shower,” in which you get wet, shut off the water, lather up, turn on the water, rinse off. Problematic because you freeze to death while the water is off, and once again it’s hard with long hair.

4. Take a Dribble Shower, which requires the ability to operate at Warp 11 when soaping and rinsing, but can be used successfully even with long hair.

Directions for the Dribble Shower:

a. Turn on the water heater, wait 30 minutes until you hear it shut off, meaning you’ve got six gallons of hot water.

b. Aim your Presto Heat Dish at the bathroom, so that the air in there will be above 50 degrees during your shower. Keep the roof vent slightly open because you don’t want to create fog.

c. Lay out your clothes that you will put on after you towel off, because you don’t want to be naked and damp in 50 degrees.

d. Put your towel on the toilet seat so you don’t go padding around on that 50 degree aluminum floor looking for it dripping wet.

e. Turn on the hot water and wait until you hear the change in sound when what is coming out is hot.

f. Turn it down to a dribble and add just enough cold (i.e., freezing) water so that you don’t scald yourself.

g. Get under it, which involves snuggling up to the back wall, and get your hair wet. Wash your hair at Warp 11.

h. Rinse hair.

i. Wash your entire body at Warp 11, with just one application of soap on the washcloth to save time.

j. Rinse your body.

k. Apply conditioner so that you will be able to comb your hair without breaking all of it off.

l. Rinse conditioner out.

m. If you’re lucky the water will not have gone tepid, and you can then turn up the hot water faucet and lightly cook yourself for a minute before you have to shut it off.

n. Grab the towel off the toilet seat and dry as much of yourself as you can. Put the towel around your waist.

o. Use the scraper to wipe all the water off the walls so it will dry faster. Fold the shower curtain up over the rod so that air can circulate in the shower. Scrape all the water from the floor into the drain, and use the wash cloth to mop up the residue, jumping each time you get a cold drip from the folded shower curtain on your back.

p. Step out onto the towel on the floor so you don’t freeze your feet on the aluminum floor.

q. Turn off the water heater and put on the clothes you laid out.

r. Turn around the heat dish to be aimed at you while you dry your hair.

s. You’re done, and hopefully you are also clean and don’t have soap hiding places that didn’t get rinsed well enough.


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Prowler last night

I was awake this morning at 2 a.m. watching TV, because of something I ate that I shouldn’t have. I heard a loud bang that sounded like something pretty big hitting my garage, and I went outside in case someone had been hurt. I hadn’t heard a car though.

I stepped outside my door and heard someone walking just behind the junipers, just like I’d expect the previous prowler to do if she got caught trying to get in my shed again. So I called out, “Get out! I’m calling the cops!” and went back inside, locked the door, and called 911 reporting a prowler.

The deputies got here pretty fast….probably ten minutes or less. Meanwhile the 911 operator kept me on the phone,  and when the deputy showed up with a flashlight I got off the phone.

I waited until he knocked on the door and then went outside and described what had happened. They had already searched the whole property, and the helicopter was overhead too, looking for body heat.

Well, what the investigation turned up was fresh javelina tracks; I guess I verbally threatened a peccary.

It had apparently stood up and knocked the garbage can against the garage, which did make a pretty loud noise that resembled what I had heard (I tried it to see what it sounded like.) The deputy suggested that I could have eaten for a month for free if I had shot it, but, um, ick!

So anyhow it’s kind of funny now but it wasn’t really that funny when it happened. I now have about two hours of sleep under my belt and figure this afternoon will be nap time.

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Christmas Bird!

Twice in the last week I’ve seen one of these:

It is a Vermilion Flycatcher, and I decided the Universe is saying Merry Christmas to me.  One sighting was pretty much mid-town and the other was on the NE side. In my 25 years in AZ I have never seen one of these, and then in one week I see two of them. Merry Christmas!

Edit: Today, Christmas Day, I saw yet a third one, different location, slightly different color so I know it wasn’t the same one again. Wow!

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